Andy Duncan
Tuesday, September 09, 2003

The vice is closing

And so, the ratchet screws down ever closer. We'll have ID cards for children? I wonder if these will propagate to adults, so the state can watch over us better, for our own good? We have the EU constitution about to frame the rightful rule of an everlasting ruling class of omnipotent bureaucrats to lord it over us, forever. We have Union barons about to break loose again, we have polls showing the majority of the UK's dumb population in favour of ID cards, and would you believe it, the Swedish Euro vote appears to be heading for a dramatic 'Yes' result, though nobody can explain why this should so suddenly have changed (I wonder if they'll count ballot boxes in from the Swedish parts of Reunion). It doesn't matter. Even if the Swedish population get it wrong, despite this mysterious growth in the 'Yes' vote, they'll have further opportunities to get it right. Endless opportunities to get it right. Everything is going horribly wrong for believers in freedom, and what do we have opposing it, in the UK? Yes, that's right, our friends the Conservatives, who are slipping, yes slipping, in the polls against Labour. Just what is it that they're afraid of? Losing again? How badly this time? Why don't they just stand on the roof-tops and shout this message out all over London: "Above all, freedom." So instead of being flummoxed by James Naughtie on the Today program about whether they will leave 'Europe', if Tony Blair takes us into the EU constitution without a referendum, instead of umming and ahhing, and saying 'you'll find out our position at the appropriate juncture', just say 'Yes, we will.' You see, it's easy if you try hard enough. 
Monday, September 08, 2003

Time, and the world's lack of it

Although Neuro Linguistic Programming, mentioned below, will help me overcome all of the following time-induced problems, it's a helluva three month period coming up before Christmas. I have to read through eight O'Reilly books on Java, and thoroughly familiarize myself with Java Struts, Java Ant, and Java Extreme Programming. I also have to re-familiarize myself with Java Tomcat, JavaServer Pages, Java Servlets, and UML. And all this before October, or mid-October at the latest. I also have to learn the whole of Learning Tree's Technical Writing course, which is about to go through a major review, and teach this mother, for the first time, in the second week of October. And somehow, in there, I have to keep knocking out the world's greatest ever first-time novel. Oh, and keep a family, and body and soul together. If anyone out there has a time dilator, where you can squeeze about six months into two, I'd be willing to pay at least fifty pence for it! :-)

Oh well, better to be busy, than comfortably esconced within the torpid sinecures of the ruling class, rolling in at ten, rolling off at four, taking two hours lunches, four day weeks, doing the Guardian Quick Crossword, and waiting patiently for my promotion to Chief Under-Nabob Secretaryship to the Local Authority Regional Authority Creche supervisory regulatory EU board.

It may be a burden paying 40% taxes for all these legions of at best useless and at worst interfering ruling class parasites, who live off the fat of the land while the rest of us produce this fat, but at least when we face our maker we're the ones who can say we've done something useful with our lives. 

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Having just spent a week in the presence of Richard Bandler, the world's leading hypnotist, and Paul McKenna, the world's second leading hypnotist, and Michael Breen, the world's third leading hypnotist, I'm now reading for anything the world can throw at me. Except of course, for socialists, racists, collectivists in general, Guardian Readers (who love the Guardian), and psycho-the-rapists. They can all go to hell! :-) 
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